What to Do available on Play store

Say goodbye to the boring days and nights, and turn them into incredible experiences.

What to Do” will help you find out new activities you could do. There are plenty of funny things to do. It could be ride a bike, go to the cinema or go bungee-jumping! Spin the wheel and find out what to do next!

Download now for free on Google Play.

What to Drink is available!

For the drink lovers. If you do not know what to drink, then “What to Drink” is your application.

You will find some good known recipes and some new ones that may become your new favourites!

What to Drink is now available on Google Play and iTunes store.

Four for Two

Four for Two - Feature Graphic

Four 2-player mini-games to enjoy with your friends, your partner or even your children!
– Air-Hockey: throw the disk and try to score in your opponent’s goal!
– Dual-Pong: use your racket to avoid being scored and try to make the ball arrive to your opponents goal!
– Paper-Can: throw the ball and make it go into the basket!
– Pick-It: be faster thank your opponent! Pick the disk and move into your zone!

Available on Google Play.


2 nuevos proyectos hijos – 2 new Branch projects

Como teníamos implementada una ruleta que funcionaba muy bien y todo el sistema era bastante adaptable, se nos ha ocurrido probar con 2 ideas bastante originales, útiles y sencillas y hemos creado estos 2 jueguecitos. ¡Esperamos que os gusten!

Wheel of Kamasutra: http://goo.gl/BtRj8 (Parece que a Google no le ha gustado)

Wheel of Drinking: http://goo.gl/4XgrR

As we had already implemented a really nice wheel and some modules we could adapt properly, we decided to make a pair of game ideas come true. We hope you like these 2 simple games!

Wheel of Kamasutra: http://goo.gl/BtRj8 (It seems that Google didn’t like it)

Wheel of Drinking:  http://goo.gl/4XgrR

Proyecto Afortunados en camino… – Angry Wheel project coming…

El proyecto del que hemos dado alguna pista anteriormente ya tiene nombre: “Proyecto Afortunados”. Se tratará de un juego con un fuerte componente multijugador, por turnos y basado en la resolución de paneles.

Algunas de sus características:

  • ¡Gira la ruleta y que empiece el juego! Distintos tipos de gajos y cada uno con una consecuencia.
  • Adivina consonantes y compra vocales hasta poder resolver el panel.
  • Paneles temáticos de todo tipo y en gran cantidad.
  • Juega por turnos. Hasta 3 jugadores por partida.
  • Juega offline contra la IA o pasando el móvil o juega online contra otros amigos.
  • Crea tu propia cuenta de usuario y personaliza tu avatar.

The project we were talking about some days ago has already a name: “Angry Wheel Project”. It will be a multiplayer-oriented game, turn-based where the player has to solve different panels.

Some features:

  • Spin the wheel and let the game start! Different wheel segments. Each one with different consequences.
  • Guess consonants and buy vowels until you know how to solve the panel.
  • Lots of different themes for the panels.
  • Play in turns. Up to 3 players per game.
  • Play offline against AI or with your friends in the same mobile or play online against other friends.
  • Create your own account and customize your avatar.

Wappo Game listo y alguna otra cosa… – Wappo Game ready and some other things…

Aquí tenemos ya Wappo Game terminado y listo para descargar:


Nuestro proyecto sorpresa, del que os hablábamos hace un tiempo, está cogiendo forma. Tratamos de crear un juego de un formato muy similar a Apalabrados en el que tendremos que resolver paneles de distintos tipos basándonos en las consonantes o vocales que vayamos eligiendo al girar una ruleta… Os iremos dando más información los próximos días…

Here we are with Wappo Game ready to download:


There is a surprise project we are working on. There will be panels to solve while spinning a wheel and getting consonants and vowels… Do you know what we are talking about? We will give you more info the next days…