What to Do available on Play store

Say goodbye to the boring days and nights, and turn them into incredible experiences.

What to Do” will help you find out new activities you could do. There are plenty of funny things to do. It could be ride a bike, go to the cinema or go bungee-jumping! Spin the wheel and find out what to do next!

Download now for free on Google Play.

What to Drink is available!

For the drink lovers. If you do not know what to drink, then “What to Drink” is your application.

You will find some good known recipes and some new ones that may become your new favourites!

What to Drink is now available on Google Play and iTunes store.

Lucky Fortuna


Todo este tiempo hemos estado trabajando en algo muy especial.

Lucky Fortuna es un juego multijugador offline y online. Puedes jugar con tus amigos en el mismo dispositivo o conectar con ellos en línea y jugar a distancia.

¿Cómo jugar?
– Gira la ruleta y pide una consonante.
– Opcionalmente compra una vocal por 50.
– Una vez puedas adivinar el panel, ¡resuélvelo!

Encontrarás la mayor colección de paneles, creada por la comunidad de jugadores de Lucky Fortuna, donde nuevos paneles son añadidos diariamente para una diversión sin fin.

¿Quieres formar parte de la comunidad? ¡Visita la sección de contribución y envía tus propias sugerencias de paneles!

Lucky Fortuna es el juego perfecto para jugar con tu familia o amigos. Rétales y descubre quién es más listo. La experiencia del juego es una delicia. Es muy fácil de usar e intuitiva, ¡Así que no dejes que la abuela te gane!

¡Uno de los juegos más divertidos y adictivos de todos los tiempos! ¿Estás listo? ¡Gira la ruleta y que la Fortuna te acompañe!


All this time we have been working in something very special!

Lucky Fortuna is a multiplayer game either offline or online. You can play with friends in a single device, or you can connect online and play with your friends from the distance!

How to play?
– Spin the wheel and choose a consonant.
– Optionally buy a vowel for 50.
– Once you figure the board out, solve it!

You will find the largest board collection, made by the Lucky Fortuna players community, where new boards are added daily for an endless fun!

You want to be part of the community? Visit the contribute section and send your own board suggestions!

Lucky Fortuna is the perfect game to play with your family or friends. Challenge them and find out who is the smartest. The game experience is delightful. It is very user friendly and intuitive, so do not let grandma beat you!

One of the most funny and addictive games of all time! Are you ready? Spin the wheel and may the Fortune be with you!


Four for Two

Four for Two - Feature Graphic

Four 2-player mini-games to enjoy with your friends, your partner or even your children!
– Air-Hockey: throw the disk and try to score in your opponent’s goal!
– Dual-Pong: use your racket to avoid being scored and try to make the ball arrive to your opponents goal!
– Paper-Can: throw the ball and make it go into the basket!
– Pick-It: be faster thank your opponent! Pick the disk and move into your zone!

Available on Google Play.